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How Debate Teams Work


1.   Each debate team is made up of six students.

2.   Although each student will research the debate topic or some aspect of the debate question, two of the students will be the Finders of Fact, two will be Presenters, and two will be Lifelines.

3.   The Finders of Fact will organize the research, decide which arguments are the best to use, and present those best arguments to the rest of the team. They also make the final decisions as to team strategy, deciding how to best present the opening argument, rebuttal and closing remarks.

4.   The Presenters will present the opening arguments to the audience, rebut the opposing team’s arguments, and present the closing remarks.

5.   If either of the Presenters feels unable to present or rebut an argument, or if they believe a Lifeline student can present a better argument, they can call on a Lifeline student. Lifelines have the same tasks as the Presenters, but only present to the audience when the Presenter does not feel able to present the strongest argument.