Solomon's Adventures

Solomon lives in our neighborhood

Welcome to Solomon's Adventures!

Welcome to the official website of the Solomon's Adventures saga. Take a look around.

Solomon's Adventures is a fable for the young and the young at heart. It's truly an American tale about the problems a boy encounters growing up in the inner city. It's also a universal story all too familiar to parents--of kids wanting to grow up much too fast.

More than a book, Solomon's Adventures is a mixed media achievement! It's a multi-part book and CD series that allows the reader to follow and sing along as the story is narrated, sung, and acted out on CD.

Engaging for kids, but fun for adults too!  Children and adults alike will enjoy the musical blend of hip hop, jazz, and rhythm and blues woven throughout the story by a variety of talented actors, singers, and musicians.

A learning tool for parents and teachers Associating words with music enables students to incorporate vocabulary quickly, thereby enhancing reading and memory skills. Parents and teachers can also open up a dialog with students, asking the question, "What would you do in Solomon's situation?"

Solomon Debate Curriculum

Schools and organizations that purchase 30+ book/CD packages also receive Information for Teachers, lessons plans designed to help instructors prepare students for the Solomon Debates. For more information on the Solomon Debate Curriculum, e-mail us at Click on Debate Contest and Debate Preparation in the menu bar for more information on the Solomon Debates.