Solomon's Adventures

Solomon lives in our neighborhood

 Author Mike White, Medgar Evers Coach Marcia Stewart, Brooklyn Collegiate Principal and coach Amote Sias follow toss of the coin to determine which side their school will be on in the debate.



South African Consulate Council Bernard Legodi, Free holder Board Member Gerald W. Owensand, Author Mike White, and Boys and Girls High student confer at meet and greet.



Solomon's Adventures discusses the situations a child may experience growing up in the inner city. Michael White thought students would get more out of his books if they discussed these issues in organized debates. He approached two schools and gave them the books to debate. Before long--and to the dismay of teachers--students were passionately debating the pros and cons of Solomon's actions, and enjoying it!  And so it all began . . .

Debate finalists receive a variety of gifts from sponsors. The winning organization will receive a $10,000 prize in addition these gifts.  The $10,000 prize is based on participation by at least 10 schools . If less than 10 schools participate in the Solomon Debates, the winner will take home a trophe or winner's certificate.

If you are a PTA member, church organization or youth group, and you would like to get involved, please call 973-289-3474, or e-mail us at

See Rules of the Debates below for more important debate information. 

Radio personality Vaughn Harper and teen actress Aliah (from "Brown Sugar") welcome the debate teams.

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Rules of the Debates

Each debate team will consist of 6 people. Two people on each team will research and select materials to be used in the debate to bolster their arguments. A log of subjects for the debates and a list of back-up materials pertaining to those subjects can be found on our website.

At the beginning of the debate, a question will be posed from Book 1 or Book 2 of Solomons Adventures. One team will present the pro-side of the argument; the other team will take the con.

Two people will present the arguments for their team. A third person on the team will be designated as the Life Line. The Lifeline can debate in place of the other debaters when a debater feels the Lifeline would be better suited to present.

Both teams will be allowed an opening statement of 15 minutes each.

After the opening statements, each team will present a 10-minute rebuttal of the other teams argument. Next, there will be a second 10-minute rebuttal round.

A panel of 3 independent judges will question each team on their arguments. (Judges should have neutral views of the debaters.)

Both teams will present closing arguments.

The panel will render a decision as to which team won the debate. Each win counts as 5 points. A loss counts as 3 points.

Each team will have 3 debates with 3 different opponents. The team with the most points after 3 debates will move on to the next round. This will continue until the best teams in the city, state or region have been found. These teams will face off in a single debate to determine who will represent the city, town or region. The same format will be followed to determine the statewide champions. State winners will match up against winning teams from 3 other states. The best 2 teams will meet in a single debate to determine the winner.

The same format will be followed to determine the winners in Canada, the United Kingdom and other foreign countries. Winning teams from each country will meet in the United States in a winner-take-all debate with 2 finalists.

Final debates will be aired on the radio and/or local TV. TV and radio audiences will be able to participate by phone to settle debates.

City, state and national debates will allow us to involve sponsorship from communication companies, such as Verizon. We will seek sponsorship from airlines and other travel companies to cover travel to major debates. Sponsorships will be tied in with gifts for the teams and/or actual means of support. Logos of sponsors and advertisers will be displayed prominently at each event.

Prizes: In addition to gifts from sponsors, each member of the winning team will receive a scholarship. Actual amount of scholarship will be determined based on sponsorship and amount of participation.

Registration fee: Complete registration instructions are available on our website. US teams will pay a $20 registration fee. Teams from the UK and other countries will pay a $50 registration fee.

A log of current debate events, including where debates are being held, is available on the website.