Solomon's Adventures

Solomon lives in our neighborhood

About the Author

Michael B. White grew up in a neighborhood very much like Solomon's, so it is no surprise that he brings a gritty knowledge to his writings.

After finishing high school, Michael traveled through the old South during the Martin Luther King era and witnessed the transformation of America. He also witnessed the transformation of the inner cities from working class poor neighborhoods to the crime-ridden streets we see today. Raising children in America is by no means an easy task, but he saw how much more difficult it can be to raise a child in the inner city.

With this in mind, he consulted with other talented parents, musicians and artists to put together a book that would reflect the problems families face every day and the valiant struggle they wage to see that their children get a piece of the American pie.

His idea was to create a lively and fun reading tool that was more than the printed page, but that also engaged the senses of both sight and sound. Hence, Solomon's Adventures. . . .